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Hey did I ever tell you about my best earth hour ever?

I was last year. Kirsten+Johnny hosted this awesome do up on Mt Washington. They skied, Noah and I snowshoed. We all stayed in this awesome cabin that Kirsten+Johnny rented. It was the best! With all the gaudy decor on the pine log walls and bronze fixtures... and the bar! It was great, their dog Boris was there and he was so sweet. We only had three CDs to listen to while we cooked and partied, but no matter.

I cooked an awesome vegan meal for the crowd, including Jeff, Kirsten's mom's partner, who brought a couple bottles of wine which we downed while playing board games by candle-light during earth hour. It was so hard to explain the game to him, which is strange considering he was about to retire from a job which required him to use nouns and adjectives all day long. The candles burned low and I could see almost nothing, but I knew everyone was smiling.

It is one of my best memories to date.

The next day Noah and I had to leave the mountain so we could prepare for our road trip holiday to Death Valley, CA. It took all of us to clear the snow and de-ice our car... Despite all that, we arrived safe and sound back at home - the basement of my Nana's house, the location of Noah and I's wedding just some months before - that evening. Like the shift-worker I am, I woke up at 5 the next morning. I checked my phone like the tech-slave I am and found the most memorable text of my life. I picture of a tremendous diamond ring on the very bar I reveled at the very day before. I knew the significance instantly.

My Kirsten. Getting married.

Mere words can't describe my elation about this memory. It'll be with me til I die. It's flashbulb. It's one of my fondest memories yet.

All a matter of perspective

Last evening I was frantically trying to take a manual blood pressure on a very sick patient and without realizing it at first, was totally flashing him my bra down my shirt. I had stupidly hung my communicator badge (think Star Trek) on my shirt, which pulled the whole thing down as I bent over listening with my stethoscope! I was mortified. As if I wasn't having a hard enough time as it was! Well the powers that be helped me realize how insignificant that was in the grand scheme as this guy ceased to breathe and became unconscious followed by the flurry that is a code blue. I highly doubt he'll remember he ever met me, let alone that I accidentally flashed him.

I had to share that because every once in a while we get reality checks like that. It's why when I'm having a bad day and I hear an ambulance, I always remind myself it could certainly be worse! And then I have to cheer up. So in the end the free show didn't ruin my night but instead became instantly humorous and worthy of sharing.

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It's on Facebook so now it's official

I never posted earlier because one of my prime emotional motivators was to be kept under my hat, but the cat's out so here we are.
It's one thirty AM, naturally I'm wide awake after my nana spent the evening feeding me wine and asking why I hate hugging other people so much. It was intense. For the record, one of my least favorite things is the greeting/goodbye hug. The lead up to it makes me sweat. I try to leave places when the host is busy. For some reason, if a hug is natural in the social encounter, it's tolerable, and on occasion I've even been known to initiate one or two. Curious.
I ought to be sleeping because the alarm will go off at 0530 so Noah can snuggle the cat for a couple hours while I get the final items packed for our three week long road trip to Southern California. No word of a lie, he wanted to wake up early to spend time with the cat. Some of our more notable stops include Portland, San Fran, camping in the Mojave Desert, Death Valley, some awesome beach in So Cal and even camping near Mt Ste Hellen's. It's a state park road trip. We'll be spending a total of six nights in hotels when we're in Portland, San Fran and Lake Tahoe. Actually in San Fran we're staying in our brother-in-law's sister's condo. It pays to know people in high places. We're slao doing a wine tour in Napa Vslley. The part I'm most excited about is camping in Death Valley. I hope I see some strange (to me) wildlife.
We kicked off this voyage with a little trip to Mt Washington and stayed in a cabin with the vibrant Kirsten and Jonny and had so much fun. To my absolute delight they are now engaged! I'm still trying to figure out if Jonny seemed distracted or nervous, but there were so many other things going on. I'm just so thrilled. I really wonder what Kirsten will create in the planning process. She's so creative in everything she does, this will merely be s unique platform for her ideas.i digress, Noah and I went snowshoeing, which decreased the chances of destroying myself hurdling down the hill and therefore far more suitable. I was pleasantly surprised by the calm and beauty out in the bush up there.
We also visited Noah's sister and her husband and new born (7 weeks) baby boy, Connor. Yes both a nephew and a brother by the same name, I love it. Anyway an absolutely adorable child that makes your brain ooze those feel-good hormones, but still not enough for me to be even close to the decision to have my own (something for another blog post). They've got a really efficient system and everything seems to be going as well as having a baby can be. There was no awkward hugging at the goodbye (because they know about my anxiety related to this) but they did ceremoniously ask if we'd be Connor's "god parents". We immediately agreed in unison.
On our way back home our car was playing April Fools tricks on us. Every time we started the car, and at a few other strange intervals, the trunk would open by itself. So between that and a couple other concerning issues with the Jetta we opted to rent a car for our trip. So there's a sexy new Prius in our driveway and we're both thinking about an upgrade in the coming year. The rental half pays for itself in fuel savings, not to mention how much more mother nature will be inclined to forgive us for our selfish holiday.
Between Noah finishing school, all the insurance we've bought this week, nephews and being "god parents", and Kirsten getting married, among other things, it seems adulthood has reminded me of its role in my life... Still, I jump on playgrounds when I go past them. I don't fucking care if I look like a fool. Today though, it's a bloody good time to be an adult.

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The cashier at the drugstore just told me to have a nice night. So I replied: "You too."

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I've been feeling quite dedicated to reviving this blog, but I've been rather preoccupied with the purpose of it. There's humor to my stories, but yet there's also moral, sentiment and overall a deeper theme of who I am. There's an honesty to my words. So be it. I have incurred much wrath from my honest words in the past, but let this be a warning to you all. Life ain't always pretty. Work, relationships and even pets are sometimes hideous, but that does not make them all bad and if you read my words and feel they are not redeemable then read no furthur. You've been fairly warned.


Be a duck, not a sponge. Let it be water off your back, not something for you to absorb. These words are nothing but my own tales. Let them entertain you, but not concern you. The human experience ought to be shared. Let this blog be my offering. Take from it what you will, but do not judge me or hurt me. These tales are nothing but captures in the spectrum of my existence.

Oh boy! It's a boy! Another little precious boy!

I'm an auntie to my fourth nephew today. No pics but all kinds of love and squawks over the phone. Campbell River is far too far today. I'm so full of love.

On an unrelated note, if you type "lj" on an iphone, it autocorrects to Ljubljana.

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Symbolism FTW. I just dreamed I died in a massive fire at my work. I was able to save all the patients but got locked in as I went back for a final walk-through.

In the dream I was also peed on. I don't know if that has meaning, or if it's just one of those hilarious things my brain insisted was added to this horribly realistic dream. The dream dictionary suggests it means I am "pissed off". Oh the humour!

Burned out, pissed off.

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Nov. 12th, 2011

Have you ever had a job you dread so much you can't enjoy your evening off prior to going to work knowing you have to go the next day? So I've got that problem right now except I don't work until Monday! I am so anxious I can't settle to sleep yet I have 32 hours before I have to actually go.
It's a short week and I have a new grad nurse shadowing me (doing a lot of my work) and I still dread going.
This is a shitty way to live. I should be glad I have a job and am saving so much money for my future endeavors but FUCK! This is hell.
No one is hiring at my seniority level right now and there seems to be no end to this torture in sight. So far I've avoided using sick time as refuge from the chaos but I'm at that point where my somatic complaints are going to become overwhelmingly real.
Stress is a horrible, horrible thing.

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How scientific

Begin at 4:10 to laugh nervously.

Just watched 'Inside Job'

But damn my luck and damn these friends
That keep on coming back their smiles
I save my grace with half-assed guilt
And lay down the quilt upon the lawn
Spread my arms and soak up

Was the video idea borrowed from Yeasayer? Or vice versa?